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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Travel → "Girlfriends" Bangkok Trip (Entire Trip)

Yeah~ tml i going for Bangkok trip again with my badfriends, 

hehehe before that let's me post about Bangkok Trip last year June. My First girlfriends' trip ever!
haha we e excited!! & main purpose for this trip is kiki's birthday trip

They all my partners-in-crime. hehe ^^ three of us are totally different >> Kiki (the petite one aka clubbing kaki), Zan ( spent the longest time on MAKEUP!! haha but her make up skill is awesome!! aka my makeup guru XD), Me? ( typical libra aka narccism XD no comment)

You know girls la, go everywhere must photo!! haha insisted take the photo b4 heading to hotel (photo taken by chauffeur) Ya u r right!! we just bring a bag WITHOUT check-in luggage (we all bring pyjamas only). See!! the spirit of SHOPPING is damn STRONG!! (no clothe no outing next day. die die must buy).

 hahaha u may wondering how about our underwear? DISPOSABLE! (yiu~~~ haha dont gv me that look!! hen ah ma mie? 100%cotton hor!)
We staying in FirstHousebkk < click me
walking distance to Platinum! Almost everyday go. A big hole in our pocket. hahaha. i doing the same tactic which i used in aussie, took the key's photo, at least can tell taxi driver how to go if we r lost.

SHOPPING Time!! ( no photos, as we r really enjoy shopping CRAZILY here)


Party Time!FUNKY VILLA (Funky Villa) < click me
See! we already done!! Someone still doing her makeup. Walao ye~
(i wearing Hi-Low black dress (combination leather with chiffon) > bought n wear immediately, Kiki wearing the singlet which she wearing from sg

Did she look like thai? (kena so many ppl talk to her in thai). My very FIRST contact lenses in my life! (struggle with this when i wear, luckily i spent 30mins to put on. The worst thing i tried to take out after clubbing, all of them fall asleep already!! Nobody guide me how to take out!.I start to 胡思乱想 i going to b blind x10000.. S^547%678.  Spent longer time to take this thing out!! wth! argh!!!  

haha we wrote our name on tissue n stick on the cup! hahaha especially in club too noisy to talk. As the crowd of this club more belong to thai. They have thai live band. So every time they ask our name  hahaha we just point our glass to tell them our name. haha no so bad. The best thing is >> they wanna be our next day tour guide. hahaha but be safe okie, they just friendly, dont have any other evil minded. as we all also quite alert la (醒目).

Breakfast Time
haha everytime pass by must take 1 photo. Our pajamas outfit. hehehe

Temple Tour

Ya~~~ i think this is going to be happened every morning =.=// we r always the FASTEST one
Today Theme > We Love Thailand ( hehehe we r going to wear same theme for next few day!) 
They hv different charges for local and tourist. The guy actually wanna get us the local price, but OBVIOUSLY look damn tourist!! haha still need to pay. hahaha i feel like we taking photos for thailand tourism board. Super got "Welcome to Thailand" feel right?

Btw, we r being bluffed by the guy that the golden thinking have to paste on our forehead =,=///. I'm sorry that we r too naive!

Note: We rent the long blue sarong thingy to cover (just wrap out of the pant,) as we all wear short above knees which is no allow. No worry, you can rent it just outside of temple. 
Temple view
Temple view 

 Chatuchak Market
when u see this photo, then u will know what is happening again!!

Mirror mirror on the world!

Today is kiki birthday!! ( actually we planning to go bkk on june this year, too bad kiki wanna go with mummy instead of us T^T) 

 Today Theme > Flower girls (we love u! Kiki)

Tried out the sausage wrap b4 MacDonald

We all hungry,dropped by Macdonald to feed ourselves b4 heading to Chatuchak

Sa-wat-dee Kah (female speaker), Sa-wat-dee kraup (male speaker) 
Ta la~ we at chatuchak! The weather is damn hot !! Thai milk tea ice cream "drooling" ( ah~~~ i miss bangkok). We didnt spend much time in Chatuchak around 2 hours. U can find some local designer item here and also local skin product (no so bad, we sapu quite lot of body scrub!!) 
n you can see alot of ppl carry with cute pom pom So CUTE!! which one cuter? hehehe
 Party Time > Route66 < click me

U can follow RCA - Royal City Avenue to lead u to Route 66. There hv other club too around that area, such as Slim & Flix, Mellow Yellow & etc 
Girls night out ( everything from bkk except hand leather band)
Simply like the neon laser light. 
Dj in the house
the crowd here more international. I heard korean. We even accosted by a complete stranger which from SINGAPORE .

I think u will like it very much if u r clubber. I love it a lot!

  I look forward my next bkk trip. Love ya ( i look damn chio but now i feel i very swollen in this photo)
                      See you BKK, Love  

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