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Saturday, May 18, 2013


Let's do a brief introduction for the HATer Snapback (click me for details). It is a cooperation between the IDC Group in Hong Kong & Blinker in Taiwan which was founded in mid 2012.

For me: the HATer Snapback is unique in the print & texture. Their designs tend to be wild, adventurous and a big fashion statement.

[fyi update 19th May 2014: to see how you can apply the latest Hater Snapbacks e.g. Garin Leather with Pink Snake Brim in indoor and outdoor cool swag looks - please go to my latest blog 7 Tips on Cool Swag Selfies.]

Meanwhile lets sneak peek some of the designs:

HATer SWAG Thick Arcylic Galaxy Snapback (limited edition for 50 pieces only for the Taiwan Store Grand Opening)

1. HATer Galaxy Snapback
2. HATer Lighting Strike Suede Snapback - Blue
3. HATer Spring Blue Snapback
4. HATer Tie Dyed

 1. HATer Limited Edition Monster Spike Chain Snake Skin Strapback
2. HATer Jewelry Snapback
3. HATer Flannel Bandana Snapback
4. HATer Bear Snapback

HATer 2013 Cork Python Strapback

I got my hat → HATer Floral (every cap of this model of caps may look the same however the print layout on each cap is slightly different - that was told by the staff). And this is hat isn't just for guys to wear, girls can carry it well !!! It fits for both gender, worth to buy & share with your brother, sister, gf, bf & buddy hahahah !


Update: 19th May 2014 - there are quite a number of new designs at Hater Snapback, but the one that is really HOT and SOLD OUT and unique is the Garin Leather with Snake Brim.
This range has 3 colors - pink, white and green [for Snapbacks, there is also a really cool Dark Snake Skin with Snake Brim. For Strapbacks, there are like 16 different snake brim caps]. These caps are really well made. As you know, the “snake skin” design consists of many polygons. The Hater snake brim is unique for every cap. For example, my cap's snake skin polygons are uniquely different from the one in the online store photo. The snake brim texture / polygons reflects pink in different shades depending on the arrangement and angle and overlap of each polygon. A close up view of the pink polygons:
 For a more extensive write up on how to wear your Hater Snapback in cool swag looks indoor and outdoor, go to my blog: 7 Tips on Cool Swag Selfies.

Where you can get Hater Snapbacks in Singapore ??

[Click Link]
Instagram: @PVS_SG
(I got mine here! this is the boutique that also sells Jeffrey Campbell shoes)
8 Grande Road 
#02-07A Singapore 239695

Enjoy your weekend !

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