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Monday, May 6, 2013

Art & Love → Farewell Montage

Usually i love to shop scrapbook shop & i LOVE DIY on card making or scrapbook montage thingy. Especially, nowadays hardly can find someone handmade something or even a handwriting letter for u. so I'm here to share my first handmade "farewell card". Don't worry, it no so hard 

Usually i love to use photos ( i no good in drawing XD)! So i USE alot of photo . the most easiest way to conceptualized the idea. 

front view of "board"
1st > sorting out all the photo by special occasion, outing...
2nd > arranging the photo, as long as it can fit in the board well ( as i dont like to see the "flat", so i will use different kind of thickness of tape, to make it look "layer") 
normally i uses double coated thick tape (use it to create different kind of thickness, cut it in few pieces & stack up> depend of how thick u want to lookso can create a different "layering" from visual
3rd > using different kinds of "font sticker" to deco the entire board ( can get from PaperMarket 
<click me)
back view of "board"
keep it simple & easy!!
the font sticker  > come with foam texture, hard card texture ( thick mix with thin, look good in visual)
the flower shape & thin and thick lining (behind) > Fabric texture
all the materials , i get from PaperMarket <click me

this is the double coated tape i told about. You can find anywhere 

Photo can tell the stories 

Photo can keep the moments

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