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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Party → Cody's Birthday Party

Event: Cody's Ah Boy to Man Birthday Party
Venue: MBS 
Time: Evening till u drunk 

(tonight~~~ we r young)

Preparation on going 
Adorable moustache & lips straw holder!!
Bar Counter
We r just fully utilized every single thing that we can use. we r using dustbin as ice bucket to store our beer. hehehehe

I think we all need some medicine for tonight XD

Chiang Chiang Chiang!!! Birthday boy is here!!
Blind fold birthday boy!! SURPRISED
Polaroid session 
Man in the house !!! JJ look like BOSS
Manpower of the night > photo credited to shihui 
Do u wanna buy printer? phone? clock? or .......
or u wanna buy capsules? (epic failed! Francis ! i know espresso is bitter but smile abit la!
the handsome-est bartenders of the night (all r single & available)
I feel like singing "tonight~~ ah ~~~ we r young" ~
Game Time!
Ping Pong time

Ping Pong ball time!
Ping Pong time
How cute is it!!! Super Love it !!!
Do we look kissable !! "muack"


we look man enough *mustache*

New friend of the night "im sorry didnt get your name"
My partner-in-crime. We r 偷吃 strawberry+ing


Group Photo

Sleep All Day. Party All Night. Never Drunk. Never Die!

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