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Saturday, May 11, 2013

OOTD → T-Shirt versus Cardigan

Meow~ I'am a lazy cat. Like to slack at home, mostly online shopping, watch tv (kind of couch potato ) 

So Sometimes i really dont feel like to dress up. but still wanna look good

Choose a "cute" T-shirt(at least can get more glance from strangers) XD

My most Huggable bear in the world 

dont want be so over-dressed. You can get a tattoo legging + cat ears shoes( try to work with details) 
You can look simply chio with effortless dress up

Since i'm going for a movie date, add one more squirrel cardi on it 
Ah~ Ha

Ang~  ge~ ge, My signature *pouty face*

shoes "closed-up"
Cat T-shirt > Bugis street ( but tailored it at Fast East Plaza, make it shorter)

Cardi & shoes > bought both online Rakuten - Japan #1 Shopping site < click me

Tattoo Legging > Bf bought from China 

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