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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OOTD → Neon x Tattoo Leggings

Since young, I have always wanted to get a tattoo ! But I am so afraid of the pain and the sight of blood makes me faint ! X.X

Intro - tattoo stockings ! I don't know who invented this - but he or she is a genius ! I am totally obsessed by it ! I have amassed quite a few pairs ! It looks so real - my brother saw my photos and thought I had inked myself ! Hahaha !
These tattoo leggings are totally made for all who don't dare to get a tattoo but love to show off some art on their skin. Is also for Japanese fashionistas - I saw some Japs carry these leggings so well.

Here I am in the city.

A close up view.

Looks really good on my
slim legs heh heh.

Transparency X Neon

OOTD details:
Transparent shirt & neon tank dress → New Town Mall 新の城 fashion mall @ Mongkok, Hong Kong
Tattoo leggings → bf gets them from Guangzhou but you can find these anywhere e.g. etc etc
Watch → Marc Jacobs
Shoes → Dr. Martens

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