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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Food → Moi Lum Restaurant

Moi Lum Cantonese Restaurant
AirView Building,
38 Maxwell Road,
#01-01,Singapore 069116 
Phone: +65 6226 2283

Operating Hours: Lunch 1130hrs - 1430hrs
Dinner 1730hrs - 2200hrs
Price: Affordable 

Is a traditional cantonese restaurant which was founded in 1920s by founder Khong Yu Lum. Their signature dishes are crispy fried duck & golden coin beancurd. 
** Is very family-oriented, families eat around big round tables, just like at home. It a place suitable for inter-generation family celebrations. The best place to bring parents especially those who love very traditional fare.


Chinese tea with pickles 


The founder

They started their business at Tanjong Pagar


桂花翅 Sharkfin with egg floss , U can wrap with fresh vege. It is very light & refreshing. U can eat without worry of gaining weight
Their signature dish ! Golden Coin Beancurd. Beancurd is served with gravy. It is so tasty. You have to eat it like eating xiao long bao - the juice inside the beancurd has to be sucked and slurped carefully. 

Smoked duck rolls. Very strong & rich flavor. Can u guess what ingredients inside the roll? Is like the Chinese version of French foie gras.

Dinner with my boy on 09052013.

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