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Monday, October 28, 2013

OOTD → Halloween Night

This is my first time celebrating Halloween. I've never been to a Halloween party before and I don't think I am good at acting scary, so I decided to go to the party as a cutie kitty.

My makeup skills certainly sucks. I've never painted leopard spots on my face before.

When it is too late to learn slowly, Youtube becomes your best friend. I found some videos and subsequently spent around 45 minutes to draw the prints. Phew ! I think the result wasn't too bad for a first timer.

Top & Bottom: Bershka (the leopard top is extremely soft and fluffy and it feels very light and well ventilated. I didn't feel hot at all even in the midst of a large crowd.)
Cat ears hair band: From a random store at Bugis village.
Makeup Items Used:
Foundation → 3ConceptEyes Glossing Waterful Foundation 
Photo credited to Chica Display.  You can follow them on Facebook & Instagram @chica_display for 100% authentic 3CE cosmetics !
Surprisingly my make up was pretty intact and looked good after an entire night pre-drinking along the river bank and subsequent partying at Zouk ! It didn't feel oily, nor sticky and no smudges.
Eyeshadow → 3CE Cosmestic One Color Eyeshadow → Valenti
Photo credited to Chica Display. I opted to use my finger tips to apply the eye shadow. It was easier to get it on the skin.
Leopard Prints
1st: Use Maybelline HyperSharp Liner to draw the outer leopard circles on your face.
2nd: Use the 3CE cream shadow - Golden Nude as the gold pigment print. Fill in the circle by brush. As this is a delicate filling, suggest you not to use your fingers. Stick to the brush instead.
1st: Use the cream blusher - Coral Coral. It gives you a natural peachy look.

2nd: Use the Maybelline HyperSharp Liner to draw the cat whiskers.
And finally wala ! Here's the finished look:


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