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Monday, October 14, 2013

Photoshooting → Fash Sorcery

This is my dream come true !
First time modeling for a friend's blogshop → FashSorcery. Thank you for giving me a wonderful photo shooting experience.
I'm happy with the results. All the photos look great ! I wanna say thank you to the talented photographer → Tim. He really did a great job.

Below outfits COMING SOON from 
instagram @FashSorcery
Facebook → FashSorcery 
website STAY TUNED with them.

Some snippets from the indoor photo shoot:
I hardly ever wear this kind of outfit. But i'm sure this is definitely a "chio officewear" outfit. 
This is my 1st outfit and first few shots. I am nervous and scared and awkward. My smile looks gritty OMG.

These dresses come with a hidden safety pants inside which is very comfy & soft! 

This is my favorite photo ! I feel the wind swirl around me, like walking on a beach.

Cheerful crop top ! Super love the double-zip shorts! Unique design with flower prints.

Power business woman look ! Chiffon top with red pants. It fits damn well! I hardly wear heels, but this pair feels super comfortable & soooo easy to wear and remove with the "hoop & loop" velcro fasteners.

This black chiffon top is a MUST in your wardrobe.
Super like the blue transparent hard case clutch. So very classic! 

Now for the outdoor photo shoot. Let's sneak peek on the behind-scenes "the making of" this part of our day.


Oh my, being a model is surely no easy task. We had to climb and lie on rocks. The weather is hot and humid. Is hard the team to find a place to us to change outfits. But I still enjoy the entire day's work.

Final results for outdoor:
I am such a newbie with 0% experience. Will do it better next time. 

My favourite outdoor pose. Better than I expected.

All the photos taken by Tim. You can find him from 
Facebook from "That Camera Guy"

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