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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Party → My Birthday Celebration @Sabio (Duxton Hill)

 October is one month that I really look forward to! Is my birthday! I am so blessed by friends & family. Especially my bf, he started organizing this birthday party a few months ago. He created photo booths, handmade all the frames & props. And then bought a bunch of Spanish props to blend with the restaurant and theme. I am very very touched !

Sabio Spanish Tapas Bar @ Duxton Hill
5 Duxton Hill | Singapore 089591

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 12PM to late
Saturday 5PM to late
Sunday 11.30AM to late

Live band for Fridays and Saturdays
Love the ambience. The design of Sabio was inspired by a old bar from Seville called "El Rinconcillo" that existed since the 16th century.

At the front of the bar, an "Iberico Ham leg" sits on the bar countertop. Is not just for display, you can ask the staff to cut you a slice.

Cold Tapas bar

We prepared a bullfighter outfit for bartender! He looks damn cool.

My first guests arrive! Lovely couple - CX & Adel
My bf organised all these props.
Photo with my bf & the lovely couple
More people are streaming in. My bffs !
Instagrams come first before anything else.

Sweetie Amelia 

Nicole with her new hairstyle. Love it !
Eat. Eat. Eat. I didnt eat that much. I drank alot >,< heheheh

Live band. Thank you singing "Happy Birthday" for me and the 4 other birthday girls.
My new friends from They all crazy people! Actually we were all quite tired as we were having module assessments that Saturday till 6 or 7pm.

My ex-colleagues. Thank you so much for coming, especially for those who needed to report for night shift. Much appreciated !
My partner-in-crime. We were all very vain that night.
Happy birthday to me!  Gossip Girls. XoXo
Petite Mabs! Love ya! Muacks Muacks. 
Sweet Sonia!
Do we look sexy! *smoking hot*
More props were introduced as the party got hotter. Lots of props from Sun Staches.

Cheers to everyone!

More props as the night continued. Jeffrey is the bull.
Out comes the photo booth frames that kept the party humming along. Cute "big nose" JiaLe. We look handsome right ?

My RWS Gang !

Who is inside the bull head ?
Hey Gorgeous!
More poses
Tooth-pain Pose 
My gang with cut-outs to accompany the photo booth.
Really appreciate my bf. He prepared all these (printed → cut → pasted onto chopsticks). All handmade.
My birthday cake from Plain Vanilla !

Super love Deborah's hair! Sexy 
My favourite girl ! Muacks muacks !

We celebrated all the October babies birthdays together (and some late September babes): Yin Mun, Gina, Shi Hui and Jeranne.
Super Acts!

Joshua! Sexy sia ...

This was awesome yummy. Caramel lava cake.
Almost at the end of the party, Tian Xiang collected all the Spanish hats !

Princess Jasmine ! Super sweet & cute
I think this is the largest party that my bf ever organized.  Thank you for coming & I hope u guys enjoyed it. Love ya !

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