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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Digital Images with The Academy of Fashion Professions ( (The Academy of Fashion Professions) is the training arm of the TaF.f (Textile & Fashion Federation). It’s also the first Continuing Education and Training Centre (CET) for the textile and fashion industry in Singapore, with the vision of becoming the leading capability developer in the global fashion industry.

This school offer specially designed courses and programmes to prepare fashion students for a creative career in the highly competitive fashion industry, and to help industry professionals develop and specialize.

For those of us who want a career switch into the fashion industry but don't wish to invest 2 to 3 years through a lengthy diploma course, TaF.Tc has crash courses and internship programs to making that switch in 3 months. Many of the school's students come from all walks of life - lawyers, hoteliers, NUS graduates, bankers, etc.

TaF.Tc's school is so conveniently located at Central Plaza #14-06
298 Tiong Bahru Road.

I am taking my super intensive course - the Diploma in Fashion, majoring in merchandising & marketing. Is a 3 month cram school and a 2 month follow on internship.

The modules so far have been all very useful and relevant. All of's instructors came from the industry, not just in Singapore - but USA, London, etc. They have so many years of experience - I get breathless listening to them.
I am now in my 7th module - the most enjoyable thus far. It's less stressful and I get to be a lot more creative. No limits, no restrictions and free to the design imagination. I love this ! Hopefully, I can remember what I learnt till the assessment next Saturday. *good luck to me heh heh*

I'm too excited ! Can't wait to show the results after these 3 days of lessons. I wanna thank Clare (our super young looking instructor). She is superbly gentle & patient. She is so approachable and helpful ! She does her best to help solve problems that we faced and most important of all - she keeps encouraging us, to explore our strengths & build our confidence ! She shares so much of her experiences with us.
I learn best "hands-on" and I don't do so well just by theory lessons. These 3 days of hands-on is perfect for me.

Now - onto describing what I learnt from these 3 days:
Day 1
Using a dolly figurine, I trace the desired outline e.g. either full body, half body or bottom half. A full body trace would mean following the blue color lines as in the diagram below.


Sleeveless Top

  1. I decided to do a sleeveless top. So I traced out the upper body and left off tracing the arms.
  2. Creating my own print - I used the color palette as a guide for matching patterns.
  3. Tata ! I copied the outline several times & filled up the outlines with different designs.

1st design: Swirls with red strokes
2nd design: Horizontal stripes and filling in the desired colors
3rd design: Adding a text box over the outline and filling it with any alphabet of my choice
** the light dashed lines represent stitches 

Day 2
Similar to day 1 except I chose different top and bottom designs.

Crew Neck Short Sleeve Top
1st: I chose a short sleeved tee-shirt like top. Using the dolly again, I traced the top and part of the upper arm. 
2nd: Fill in the color.
3rd: For the crew neck - I drew a "U" outline stroke.  The easiest way to do this - is to make the stroke as an object which can then be filled in with any color or pattern. I filled the crew neck object with white.

Same theory as drawing the crew neck top. 
Key points - 1st: To do the front & back of any outfits - I used the "reflect & copy" function.
2nd: Next - rotate the pattern instead of rotating the whole object 

I used Photoshop to create my desired print.

I traced the jeans from the waist to the ankles.
Then I add in all the details, like stitches, pockets, rivets, fly, belt loops, buttons, etc.
Designed in the different features for the front and back of the jeans.
My jeans looks more like leggings OMG ^^  

I traced an outline using a photo of a shirt. Then I added in the designs - stitches, pockets, buttons etc.
1st design: I created the horizontal striped rectangles. Then I pasted the rectangles into the outline & filled them up with different colors. For the features (collar, sleeves, pockets etc) - determine the color fills.
2nd & 3rd design: Use a clipping mask. Then plan which area you want to fill in with different colors.

Day 3

Free & Easy. Design your own outfit shapes e.g. sweaters, cheongsam, hoodies etc, - anything that comes to your mind.

1st outfit - Retro Chic Babydoll Top
Doing front & back of outfits
Left design: Use the clipping mask from 2 different prints
Right design: Design my own repeat pattern for body and sleeves

2nd outfit - Swing Swirl Cardigan
Doing front & back of outfit
1st & 3rd design : Clipping mask  
2nd design: Hand drawn prints
**Tip: You can use different transparency layers & adding in shadows can enhance the look of the outfit.
I'm satisfied about my progress over these 3 days. This is very useful and fulfilling ! I will master it one day!
Practice makes perfect !


  1. Hi
    I will be joining this program in the coming months. I just wanted to know how aggressive it. Are the saturday's also occupied by the course. ??

    1. So sorry for the late reply. I can say the lecturer is very experienced and patient. Regarding the schedule thingy is better u gv them a ring at (65) 6475 9897 or email them at


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