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Monday, June 17, 2013

Food → Korean BBQ Bornga

Korean BBQ - BorngaAddress: ViVo City, #02-123/124
Phone: +65 63768268
Operating hours: 1130 - 2200
Price: Slightly expensive but worth it
The restaurant uses an exhaust fan , so that you won't smell like the same BBQ after the meal & also - the restaurant won't be hazy with smoke.

Bornga serves us with different kind of side dishes. Totally yummy.

U see ! How much vegetables they give us ? A TON ! U may be wondering why Korean always "wrap their meats in lettuce" - is because they believe that if u can eat the whole wrap at once, it will bring you great fortune ! (so everybody - 大口大口的吃吧!!)
Besides,  veges do help to improve our digestion & also prevents cholesterol !

Kimchi soup (on top) → served with two big ribs.
Seafood pancake (left corner) → a little too heavy for me, too "filling", there is so much ingredients in a piece. I was quite full after finishing just 1 slice.
Sauces (right corner) → for u to dip your meat, sesame oil and bean paste.
Bornga uses charcoal to grill. The server helps us to grill. We can focus on eating and chatting ! We ordered pork belly & another pork with less fat ! My stomach will be bulging like a pig after this.
Grilling in process ! The taste is just so good. Especially when wrapped with fresh vegetables, it is crunchy & yummy & refreshing.
Chilled Omija-cha is served at the end of the meal. It is a bit sour but it can help "refresh" your mouth.
What is Omija?  This is a Korean herbal tea made from berries of Schisandra Chinensis (in chinese this is called 五味子 wu wei zi → Literally mean 5 tastes). The health benefits of Omija-cha are: it strengthens the heart & lungs, it lowers blood pressure level & boosts the immune system.
Will definitely come back. Food is good. Ventilation is strong and there is no BBQ smell in my clothes and in my hair.
Thank-you for reading !

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