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Friday, June 7, 2013

Wonderful TGIW Outing → Sister KiKi Pre-birthday Celebration at Hoshino Coffee + Tiesto Zouk Party

Wonderful TGIW Outing
FINALLY,  we met after a month!! The main purpose for this outing is for my BFF-Kiki's Pre-birthday celebration & also gossip time for us!! Usually, I hardly do the planning. As you know la, typical libra > poor in making decisions.  Took me 1-2hour stayed in the Craftholic shop in Bugis. After that, struggling in choosing bouquet (lily?, white roses? red roses? sunflower?)

Ta~~ La~~~ Nice right!! 
Sloth Pillow
Orange Roses
Hoshino Coffee (a Japanese cafe) - located in New wing - Plaza Singapore. Food display is really TEMPTING as all are LOOK so REAL!!! 
We waited around 45mins!! Zan & Adeline sit down instead. We r just too hungry!! We placed our order while we in Q.
Photo with Birthday girl
Birthday girl !!
We all look as pretty as flower!
Friendly staff. Very customer-oriented. Take initiative to help us take group photo 
Finally!! FOOD is here!!! HUNGRY!!!
(clockwise) 1. Pot-baked curry rice (initially was told that hv strong smell of beef, but it damn good!! rich & aromatic!)
2. Pancake soufflé with chocolate banana (perharp we too hungry,  this dessert really cheer us up. SOFT & fluffy like a sponge!)
3. Green tea ice cream with red bean ( I'm a big FAN of green tea!! SATISFIED!)
4. Fuwa-fuwa hoshino soufflé (egg on top with tomato based rice. Break the top, it look like a bubble form. It taste very "eggy". Another YUMMY dish!) 

Last photo b4 go back. Hope u like our arrangement
Today theme > HATer snapback 

2nd round with my gorgeous > Tiesto @zouk!!

Nana is HOT 
Such a coincident ! we both wear sneaker!!. They re-used zoukout tag for Tiesto
I met my sweetie!!
i love the neon effect in zouk!! WEAR WHITE!! then u can see u r glowing
We r having crazily fun !!!
Yeah!!! Party whole night!!
We r very enjoy! very happy!
im glad that i can see him!! My IDOL!!! TIESTO!!
Tiesto is DJ from Dutch. Mainly focus Trance & house!

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