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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beauty → Novalash Eyelash Extension @Lolita

Lolita - The Beauty Studio
6 Raffles Boulevard
#B1-12 Marina Square
Click-To-Call: 63389981

As you know - my make up skill is pretty poor especially so when using fake lashes. I can spend an hour trying to paste it to my eyelids but still FAIL !!! 

I can't tahan anymore ! I did some research to find out any faster & painless way to make my eyelashes nicer. The answer: EYELASH EXTENSION @ Lolita Group!! (<< click me)

Reasons why I chose Lolita group:
  1. The only beauty studio that I didn't see any negative comments on. 
  2. They are using Novalash (which is the safest, healthiest product & technique to enhance a woman's natural beauty!) 
  3. Painless !
  4. Most important of all - it is WATER-PROOF ! (this is pretty basic as I am currently learning swimming)
  5. All the staff here are well trained & certified !
Cutting the long story short, let's see how they do the eyelash extension:
1. Paste eye sticker, so the beautician can apply lashes accurately (painless during the whole process)
2. Selecting and using different lengths of lashes for different parts of the eyelid (gives you a super natural look)
3. Lolita also uses a clean & safer formula adhesive (as our eye area is very sensitive - the glue must be safe & harmless and not irritate the eyes)
4. Applying the lashes stalk by stalk (the beautician painstakingly does both eyes at the same time. She compares both eyes while applying the lashes instead of finished 1 eye and then start to do the other eye. In this way, both eyes' lashes look equally balanced) 
5. She ensures every lash won't tangle together (beautician blows dry the eyes & sprays a little water to make sure the lashes will hold better. It's a totally painless process.)

Results: (me without make up, please ignore my pimples)

Looks very natural, I love the "wing lashes" at the end corner of each eye. I look quite pretty even without make up hahaha !

1. Don't go swimming, steaming or sauna for first 24 hours
2. Avoid using Glycol facial products (such as make-up removers, masks and cleansers)
3. Normally the lashes can last around 3-4 weeks (you can make another appointment for refill and touch-up)
My beautician is Jelina. Go look for her to do your eyes. She was really gentle & merticulous & careful & friendly ! Has very steady hands. I'm really pleased with the quality of her service.
Get the beauty without doing the damage 

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  1. Eyelash growth is a good solution for immediate result, but be aware that no matter what type of extension you get they will thin out your natural eyelashes. Other thing to keep in mind is the maintenance and restriction of having eyelash extension.

  2. Hi Edris, thank you for the advice. I will take extra care of my eyelashes .. cheers

  3. I am very happy to discover your post as it will become on top in my collection of favorite blogs to visit.


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