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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Food → Strangers' Reunion

Strangers' Reunion
37 Kampong Bahru
Phone: 62224869
Operating Hours:
Mon: 09:00 - 22:00
Wed - Sun: 09:00 - 22:00
Closed: Tue
Yet another outing with my bff → Zan.  Today we both wore white shirts and jean shorts !
I combined 2 photos into 1. Next time I will use Photoshop to mesh the photos perfectly.
We decided to find a new cafe where we can chill & gossip. Most important criteria - the café has to be easily accessible by MRT
We decided on Strangers Reunion ! This is convenient to get to !
How to go there??

  1. Drop off at Outram MRT
  2. Exit at entance F (and follow Eu Tong Seng Road)
  3. Walk all the way straight till you see Kampong Bahru sign at the opposite road (with General Hospital on your right)
  4. Across the road, continue walking through a series of shop houses till you see the cafe on your left 

 Ta~Ta!! We finally arrived !
 The café has a very cosy homely feeling
 Pretty, old school & vintage nostalgic feel to it.
 Pastries & kitchen area. Desserts look tempting right ?
 Deep concentration, we need to decide what to eat.
 Pretty Zan !
 Magic!! Love the coffee art!!  (Magic = double ristretto + milk) ** what is ristretto?  > is very tiny shot of expresso !
 Is magic for me and ice latte for her. But we both think the coffee is too bitter for us.
 Waffles with greek yogurt - topped with banana & strawberries - the greek yogurt has a very creamy texture, with a little sour aftertaste ! But it feels very appetizing and goes really go well with the waffle!
 Thin crust salmon pizza - wow ! Is tasty and just the right size for us two girls.
 What a cosy afternoon.
 As you can see, the capacity of the café is quite small, with very limited seating. It really depends on your luck if you can get a nice seat or not.
By the time we arrived, this was the only table left. We were like school girls - eating & drinking while perched on these tiny chairs and enjoying our tea time over a tiny table. 
Thank goodness we are quite petite and can fit in.

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