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Sunday, June 15, 2014

7 Sports Luxe Inspirations for Summer 2014

7 Sports Luxe Inspirations for the Summer of 2014

With hot & wonderful sunny days and World Cup fever just at our doorsteps, what a thrill it is to support our sporty summer with some Sheer Perfection outfits. Translucent cool, meshy airy, white pure and black deep - these are the Sports Luxe inspirations to celebrate and cheer.

1. Base Ball Match

Love the red stripes of this pretty jersey from Union Mall. The Dodgers logo is so retro cute. Is matched with Rosebullet deep red shorts, Sects fun socks and Shark Sole Shoes from Moussy.
  • Top: Dodgers White Jersey from Union Mall. At least 2 stores on the 4th floor carry this.
  • Shorts: Deep Red Shorts from Rosebullet
  • Socks: Red/White Tabi Socks Dots and Triangles 足袋ソックス 丸三角 Kyo-To-To from Sects (Orchard Gateway) and Doll Kiss White Socks from JRunway
  • Shoes: Shark Sole Shoes from Moussy. If you have difficulty buying from Shel'tter webstore - Tenso can help.
2. Tennis Nets

This V neck meshed netted top is so dreamy comfy... It's long, if you tuck it in a little, it hangs out with you so freely. I tried a contrasting inner wear using a NOT COOL Enough NCE tank from Sects Shop and in other photos, a plain white bralet.

3. Football Fever

Girls - support your favourite World Cup playoffs with this svelte Pancoat dress. It can't be seen from afar, but it has a very fine cool mesh. Featured recently by HyunA, it's become quite a feverish following - is sold out at Pancoat Korea ): but you can get it from Pancoat International instead.
  • Dress: Pancoat Swag 52 Mesh One Piece from Pancoat International
  • Bandana: Boy London BIGBANG G-Dragon SNSD Sex Pistols Bandana B33BN01U89 from K2POP  
4. Boyish Basket Ball

A tom-boyish top that is a sheer joy to wear. Is so light and airy.

5. Sweet Cheers

I forgot my pom poms ): but was so thrilled to lay my hands on this "one and only" sweet cheery top.

6. Love This H8

Love this Hate. The stripes and baseball blue outline black font is so sporty. This is something I could wear to work heh heh.

7. Sheer Nights

I still get nervous these days trying to pull off white. So, my comfort zone is this deep black sheer top from Platinum Mall.

Thanks for Reading ! Love, Jia Jia

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