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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Two Bracelets - Cranium Red & One Dream Girl - Alternatives to the Common Pandora

Two Bracelets - Cranium Red & One Dream Girl - Alternatives to the Common Pandora
Looking for customized bangles or bracelets for him or her, bff, siblings or for that special person in your life ? Wanna have something personalized & meaningful ? A gift that you can customize into a storyboard of memories ?
Here are two options below for bracelets & bangles:
1. Cranium Red
Instagram: @cranium_red
Create your personalized bracelets with your choice of beads, spacers, charms, etc. There are more than 20 designs of beads & charms for you to choose from. Beads types such as: black, red, turquoise, stone, wood, etc. Charms come in different themes such as: feathers, skulls, crosses, figurines, leaves, tribal, etc. Different metals are offered including - chrome, silver or gold.
How to customize a bracelet ? Measure the wrist diameter of the person who is to wear the bracelet. Decide on the charms, spacers, beads and their arrangement. Contact @cranium_red.

Here are some photos:
Bracelet on the right: A sweet surprise from @cranium_red (many thanks, this generous courtesy totally brightens my day ^^)  
Bracelet on the left: My customized bracelet for my bff (heh heh not bad right ?! Love it <3)   

Packaging: The gift bracelet comes in a plush square box and is wrapped around a soft black pillow. The box definitely can be recycled as your jewelry box.  

photos credited to @cranium_red

The creator of @cranium_red - Doris comes from an established background in fashion design and creation. She's very detailed and skilled in her craft work. She's really good in helping customers form an idea of their personalized gift. For me - she helped me with creating a few personalized bracelets and made a sample to illustrate how my ideal bracelet would turn out to be. If you are gifting a surprise gift, she can even help you estimate the size of your bff's wrist size ! I really appreciate her efforts and patience. Thumbs up for @cranium_red.  

Enjoy 10% off when you quote catjiajia10 
For order & enquiries please refer to the contacts provided above.

2. One Girl Dream
Instagram: @OneGirlDream

@OneGirlDream personalizes jewelry with messages, favourite quotes and symbols. Their catalog of customizable jewelry includes bangles, rings, lockets (e.g. for necklaces), charms  (e.g. for lockets) etc. You can choose from a range of silver and gold metals. Their bangles are so sweet and memorable - is the perfect gift for your bff, or else - design a couple bangle for the guy and gurl !
I never expected my parcel arrive so quickly. @OneGirlDream works really fast ! I was so surprised that the packaging was so nicely decorated !
Double protection with bubble wrap & ziplock bag. 
Here are more photos from @OneGirlDream showcasing some of their works - really pretty and very sweet. I love them so much !
Jeanatte (she owns @OneGirlDream) answered all my questions promptly and patiently and repeated my order in detail to confirm. Her service is awesome !
Enjoy 10% off when you quote catjiajia10
For order & enquiries - email:

Thank you for reading, Love Jia Jia !

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