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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Food → NamNam Noodles Bar

NamNam Noodle Bar 
Suntec City (this is the outlet featured in my blog)

Opening Hours: 8am to 9.30pm (last order)

Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-46/47,
Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103

Click-To-Call: 63360500

Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road
#B2-02, Wheelock Place,
Singapore 238880

Click-To-Call: 67351488

Suntec City
#B1-131, Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

Click-To-Call: 68845677
Is an eatery featuring iconic Vietnamese food such as Pho and Baguettes (known as Banh Mi).
Suntec City Outlet

Banh Mi Bar
I love the play of colors - reddish pink lanterns and greenish / wood deco.
Self Service
(Patrons queue up and the usher assigns a table number to your order form. Order & payment are taken at the counter after patrons submit their forms.)

Various Sauces for Pho
I love the Viet chilli sauce (the bottle at the extreme left hand side)
Vietnamese coffee: Served in mini nostalgic enamel cup. Frothy and has an awesome aroma.
Lotus Tea: Hmmm ~~~ there is light hint of lotus.
Lime Soda: Taste like 7-up topped with soda water. A little 'gassy' but I like it. 

Fresh southern rolls with sweet shrimps, eggs and fresh herbs. Is absolutely gorgeous when paired with the peanut sauce. Coating your viet rolls with a generous serving of the sauce certainly brings out the flavour.

Dry Sautéed Lemongrass Pork Noodles
Dry Sautéed Lemongrass Pork Noodles with fresh herbs, bean sprout and peanuts.
 If u want something dry and also with strong lemongrass flavour, I suggest the dry sautéed lemongrass pork noodle. The sweet and salty combination is awesome. The crunch of bean sprouts, cabbage & chopped peanuts releases some really fresh flavours. 

You can order an "add on soup" to your dry noodle dishes that will really complement any Viet meal !

Dry Yellow Curry Duck Noodle
This is bee hoon served in a dry curry together with bamboo shoots. It is quite mild, not too spicy ! Duck lovers can try this !

Hanoi Pho
Pho Chicken 

Pho Beef Steak Slices
The broth looks clear but the taste is pretty addictive ! I saw the chef sneak in a little piece of bacon into the mix. No wonder it tastes so good.
I love the generous servings of spring onions which makes the soup such a memorable experience. 

Deep fried banana served with warm coconut sauce (topped with sesame)
Hot and crispy on the outside and soft / piping hot on the inside. Best paired with the accompanying coconut sauce.

Enjoy! Bon Appétit

Thanks for reading. Love Jia Jia

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