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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hair Styling → PREP

First of all, MILLION THANKS to @nuffnangsg for giving me a complimentary hairstyling session by @prepyourhair. 
Get a chance to choose from their Fall/Winter 2013 seasonal hair menu which inspired by runway looks that are more wearable! 

 Location: Mandarin Gallery #03-34
Click-To-Call: 67326123
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 1000hrs - 2000hrs
Sun 1130hrs - 1930hrs

 PREP (click me for more info) is Singapore 1st blowout only salon offering good standard grooming services for ladies, guys & even children! The salon has a bright and cheerful design, well thought layout, with a reception in the center, styling workstations on both sides (a total of 8) and hairwash stations in the center. I love this salon - it is so pretty and welcoming.

Hair styling session
I am going to try > That's 70s Show
Is a glamorous seventies-style retro set of waves with a romantic twist & side parting.

Step1: Hair Washing
My hair stylist meticulously washes my hair. She takes pains to do an awesome head and scalp massage. She works up a big ball of lather soap and proceeds to wash my hair gently. Thank you for pampering my hair by using good products - Redken.  

Step2: Hair Drying
See! I am enjoying this as much as the pandas!

She applied Redken heat glide onto my towel-dried hair before starting to curl my hair in order to form a heat barrier on the hairs. The treatment gave a frizz-free & smooth texture to my hair! 

You can see how healthy and silky my hair is after washing with Redken products

I really love the condition of my hair after washing!  

Step3: Hair Curling
I have quite a lot of hair, so I really appreciated how the stylist patiently and repeatedly selected bands and sections of hair to curl. She had to do this many times. Furthermore, they are using ghd curler/straightener so there is minimum hair damage (due to less heat applied) during the entire styling session.  

Almost done
So much tender love and care was pampered upon me to create this version of the young hip 70s look. It was a style that was "just right", not too feathery and not messy looking and not "over" not "hardcore" not "auntie" 70s. The stylist did not over curl sections of my sides and top - which I think turned out perfectly. I like the way the style "created" a large volume of hair.

Final touch up

Final Look
Thank you Catherine so very much for taking extra care of my hair! I love it so much! 

The products that they are using


you can make an appointment either by emailing or calling 67326123. 

One last post : Before vs After

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