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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MBS Exhibition → Herman Miller: Essential Eames

Essential Eames
Art Science Musuem, MBS
Frrom 29th June 2013 to 5th January 2014
Operation Hours: 1000 hours to 1900 hours


Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition Standard
full price
residents' price
 Adult $15.00$13.00
(65 years and above) 
(2 - 12 years) 

Is an exhibition showcasing over 100 designs by famous & creative couple - Charles & Ray Eames. They are known for their timeless creations in architecture, design, print, toy making and filming.

6 highlights in this exhibition are:
1: Good stuff
Collection from the couple
English & Chinese explanations were available for every section

 2: Exhibits From the Original Mathematica Exhibition

3: Ray's Original Paintings
Original Art Work by Ray Eames

4: 100 Photos
Photo gallery showing life & times of Eames Family 

 5: Powers Of Ten (1977) [Film]
Charles & Ray's Films

6: Furniture Creations
Complete collection of Eames designs for Herman Miller
After exhibition - we bought a "space" ice cream that doesn't nee to be stored in the freezer. How interesting...
Here is another ongoing exhibition: The Little Black Jacket (click me) that u can visit at the same time!

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