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Sunday, April 27, 2014

How To Get A Tattoo Without Making Mummy Angry !???

How To Get A Tattoo Without Making Mummy Angry !?#$%^&*@
What might be the most important life questions when getting inked ?
  1. "Mummy & granny will be pissing mad..."
  2. "Daddy, I have something to show you but if you don't like it, I can change it..."
  3. Can't decide on the design. What if I don't like the tattoo after it's been inked ?
  4. All the good tattoo artists' appointments are full. My party is tomorrow. What should I do ?
  5. I am afraid of the pain. How ?
  6. The first tattoo is the hardest. Once parents accept the first, the rest will be smooth sailing...

Could the answer be...

Scape - 2 Orchard Link, #02-03, Singapore 237978
instagram: @tribalquest
facebook: @tribalquestsg
I inked my first "tattoo" at Tribal Quest. There was a queue of people in front of me and lots more behind. I chose my tattoo from a catalog. I decided to go for the Divergent set. Multiple colors can be inked. I decided to just do black. Is $18.

The tattoo starts with a mask over my arm.
 He starts to ink my tattoo. Ouch ! Ok, I was kidding. Is painless.
 Spray ! Spray ! Spray !  
Off with the mask !
 Wow - done in 5 minutes !
Here's a close up !
Touch up ! 
 Curious buyers on the queue checking out my new tattoo !
 The boss of Tribal Quest.

Lots of different designs to choose from. 
 Tribal Quest says it will last for 7 to 10 days. If u are getting a tattoo to wear for your party, is better to get it on the day of the party or a day before because the tattoo won't last 7 days. The smallest Divergent raven on my arm had faded in 3 days.
 The tattoo is water proof.

Update to this blog [17th May 2014]:
For those of you who like longer lasting temporary tattoos, could you please refer to my blog: 7 Tips On Taking Cool Swag Selfies. At the bottom of the blog, there is a review of the Murua Tattoo and how well it holds up even after days of rubbing and bathing.

Thank-you for reading ! Love, Jia Jia

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