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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Japanese Upper & Lower Eyelash Extension → Graceous

Graceous Eyelash & Nails Salon
9 Mohamed Sultan Road #03-02(Attic level)
Singapore 238959
Shop houseの3Fにあります。場所がわからない場合はお電話ください。
instagram: @gracious_sg
sms: 86996045(日本語 or English)
(sms is advisable if you can't speak Japanese)

Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 1000hrs - 2000hrs
Sun 1000hrs - 1900hrs
Closed on Tue

A year ago, I did my first eyelash extension at Espoir in Shibuya. My experience at Espoir was really good. I instantly fell in love with how convenient it was to have extensions. I can sleep, bathe, do everything with them on and there isn't a need for mascara.

 Finally, I found an authentic Japanese eyelash & nail salon in Singapore ! I was also super lucky to get a slot on Thursday because Thursday is the day that Nao Go-san (the director of Graceous) does the lashes ! Nao-san is really skillful and careful making my extensions. I felt so comfortable and relaxed letting her do my lashes. Nao-san is so very patient and kind. The service at Graceous is so good.

Front Entrance


Graceous has a very cozy homely feel, very soothing and relaxing. I get to listen to nice indie/lounge background music while my lashes are being extended.

Consultation Time
Nao-san does the basics of quizzing me on general questions related to my physical health condition.
Next - Nao-san studies my natural lashes in detail. She gets me to pan my eyes from up to down - following the motion of her hand, in order for her to assess the shape and nature of my lashes. She also asks about my daily makeup routine and suggests the most suitable style for me.

Thirdly: I get to choose the lashes based on my personal preference - there are a few areas to consider: Style, Curl, Length:

Upper Lashes

- Gorgeous (unlimited lashes)
- Natural (80 lashes)
- Quick (60 lashes)

I told Nao-san I wanted something wild & wow ! So we both agreed to choose the Gorgeous style. Nao-san also mentioned that for the lashes at the far left and right ends of the eyes, these lashes are longer and fan out - so the effect makes the lashes very visible.

→ J Curl
→ C Curl
→ L Curl
→ SC Curl (which is not in the menu list)

Nao-san suggested the SC curl which is more curly & sexier than the C curl ! Yes - I chose the SC curl !


Lower Lashes
20 or 30 or 40 or 50 lashes

I'm thrilled that Graceous does lower lashes extensions too. I decided to experiment with 20 lashes first. The result turned out so good - I will certainly do more lower lashes next time !

Arigatou~gozaimasu !

Nao Go-san is so knowledgeable and helpful. She is very skillful. The treatment is absolutely painless. When starting on the lower lash extension, there was a slight irritation, but that went away very quickly and my eyes got used to it. Through out the appointment, there wasn't any smell of glue or chemicals.
Nao-san also gave me a guide on how to look after my eye lashes. Get your copy from her when u do your extensions at Graceous.

  I really love the final result ! The lashes can last for 2 to 4 weeks and you can touch up at Graceous to maintain it.
Looks so natural...

hahaha ! I just can't stop admiring my lashes!

Close up view ! You can see how the lashes are longer and fan out at the ends. Nice.

Thanks for reading ! Good night !

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