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Friday, March 28, 2014

Hair Treatment & Styling → Magical Hair Prestige

Magical Hair Prestige

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #02-15, Singapore 228213
Click-To-Call: 67376736

Operating Hours: Weekday 1100hrs - 2000hrs
Weekend 1100hrs - 1900hrs

Maintaining long hair is no easy task. Especially so in a tropical humid climate. My hair easily gets dry, thick, heavy, frizzy and also split ends ! I'm always wondering if there is any salon or products & treatment that can save my irritating hair.
This is my first time visiting Magical Hair Prestige which was recommended by my close friend. I hardly go salons these days as I really treasure my hair - I want someone who I can trust when it comes to cutting and treatment. 

Magical Hair Prestige hair salon offers hair treatment such as hydro, keratin, herbal, scalp, and also perming, coloring, rebonding and a host of other options. Magic Hair is led by Kelvin, who hand picked his elite team from well known Singapore salons.
The studio was designed in simple white wall with comfy red retro seats. Nice, neat and clean.

Hair Wash Section
Magical Hair Prestige boasts its magical hair spa bed - a comfortable full length flat rest that I could enjoy. Is really good for those who after a long stressful day, want to relax and destress. There are two of these flat hair spa beds side by side so you and your bff can come for a spa date - even hold hands while "spa-ing" heh heh. I was almost dozed off during my hair spa session. It was super refreshing and relaxing.

I'm going to have Keratin treatment !
3 main steps to do this treatment:
1st: Pre-treatment Cleanser
Deep cleaning & detoxing

2nd: Hair Reconstruction
Repairing damaged hairs

3rd: Hair Conditioning
A protection for the hair before ironing it out.

Results !
Before and After:
The treatment at Magical Hair Prestige was almost odourless. There wasn't any pungent chemical smell & no burnt scent. (I have previously gone for such hair treatment 2 year ago at another hair salon - that was disaster, full of smoke & strong ammonia smells & burnt hair smells.) 
I can say the stylists really did the magic on my hair. I love the treatment as it made my hair smoother, straighter, shinier and stronger.
Now I have to wait for 48 hours for the treatment to complete and set in before I can wash my hair ! >,<

The magic hands at this salon are:
(photo credited to Magical Hair Prestige)

The tender treatment on my hair was by Master Hairstylist - Terrence and his Senior Hairstylist - Zen.

In-store hair products:

Purse Friendly Price Lists:

My frizzy & unmanageable hair is finally now silky and smooth. Thumb up for their good job !


Magical Hair Prestige promo:
Free hair cut & 
30% OFF for chemical service will be start from 1st April till 14th April.

Thanks for reading ! Love Jia Jia

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