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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Food → Alexis, Bangsar

Alexis Bistro
29 Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: +60322842880

Operating hours: 1100hrs - till late

Price: Affordable

Bangsar is an affluent residential suburb on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, - an area akin in comparison with Holland Village of Singapore. Bangar is full of westernized eateries - cafes, bars, bistros, crafts, boutiques, etc. It is surely one of the most happening & popular hangout places at night.
Tonite, we went to Alexis Bistro. Alexis brings back fond memories of my university days where I studied in KL and Alexis was the hot hot place for hot hot genY dates. The decor is stylish & chic & modern. Serving "Grade A" dishes - a combination of Western, Asian, Middle-Eastern and fusion & delicious handmade cakes and pastries.

Warm & cozy atmosphere. Lots of tempting handmade cakes at the entrance area simply lure your heart to Alexis !   
We surely over ordered - filling up our entire table with plates of FOOODDDDDD! As this is our first time to Alexis in about 4 years - we decided to order as many items as possible.
Niçois Salad: Balsamic dressing with springy french beans & topped with poached egg & tuna. Everything paired so well with the salad dressing.
Tapas: Lebanese pita bread with hummus & baba ghanoush. Is a kind of Arabic Middle Eastern dish. I personally prefer the hummus (a mixture of chickpeas with oils and has somewhat nutty taste), & my bf prefers baba ghanoush (this is eggplant mixed with oils as well - tastes a bit smokey). The portions were perfect for 2 people.
Tapas: The clams in a little bit of white wine were sweet. The garlic & chili are surely a bonus for I am a great chilli fan. The gravy is just so awesome ! Too bad we didn't eat the bread which was extremely hard. Omg - don't let anyone see us slurp up the gravy.

Lobster Roll: Tender & sweet lobster flesh with a thin coat of mayonnaise in a soft hotdog bun. Nice.

Last but not least - this is what I have been waiting for the entire night - this is the comfort food that university students crave for and hangout with...
The Signature Remarkable Tiramisu Cake
This cake is really soft, creamy & moist. Topped with crunchy caramelized nuts & served with a strawberry sauce.
 Thank-you for reading.
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