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Monday, February 24, 2014

Valentine's Dinner → Le Bistrot Du Sommelier

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier

Address: 53 Armenian Street,
Singapore, 179940 
Operating Hours: Monday - Saturday 
Lunch Noon to 1500pm
Dinner 1800pm to 2300pm

French cuisine. Chef Patrick Heuberger (previously from various Michelin-star restaurants in Europe) is the man behind these amazing homely French dishes.

This place is easy to get to. Is just off Stamford Road and next to Timbre (at the substation).
WARNED. The food prices are quite steep. Could be because it was Valentine's. Le Bistrot Du Sommelier even SMSed a special menu of dishes that were not typically offered.

A choice of outdoor or indoor seating area

I am so so so happy !

Our Starters !
Lobster Dumplings in American Sauce
It's as soft like tofu !

The Main Course
Canard à l'orange
The duck was one of those special items that had to be pre-ordered. It was served with chestnuts, parsnip and orange sauces. The portion is huge for 2 persons as it usually serves for 3 to 4 people. The restaurant eventually helped us doggy bag the rest of the unfinished meal.

This is a classic French dish that apparently originated from Florence. The duck is from Challans (apparently in the west of France and known as the duck capital).

The roast is very tender ! The duck has a thick fatty skin. The fats and orange sauces blend together into an awesome gravy.

Love the texture of parsnip, is soft but not too "mashed up". The taste is like a cross between carrots & sweet potatoes.  

The duck was just too good. We totally neglected the side dish of mashed potatoes ! XD

Dessert Time !
Fluffy Orange Souffle with Chocolate Sauce

We dug into the soufflé only to find quite a bit of dark chocolate sauce inside. The eggy soufflé plus orange and chocs is so nice.
Will certainly like to come back again (:

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